Parking without Anxiety

Parking without Anxiety

easy economic parking, without long waits, without problems.
Perfect for Municipalities and places with traffic congestion.

Why Mobile Parking System?

We offer a system that efficiently regulates outdoor parking spaces in congested areas.
It targets downtown neighbourhoods and overcrowded market places, where finding a parking slot traditionally requires time and effort, and provides solutions to the management of organised parking lots.
All spaces that are currently subject to controlled parking can be immediately integrated in the system, without any problems.

It is offered as an SAAS service and offers immediate profitability from the first day of operation.

Key Features

The advantages that distinguish this innovative solution for outdoor parking management from the competition are

System as a Service SAAS

It is very important that we can offer this system as a Service.
In this way we offer a very innovative solution that is very competitive in maintenance costs but also in installation costs compared to any other system.

Cost competitive

The economic indicators, even in the worst case scenario, are very attractive, as the initial installation cost combined with the minimal maintenance cost creates an extremely competitive package.

Innovative outdoor parking solution

Although it is specially made for open controlled parking spaces, the spaces that are currently subject to controlled parking as well as Municipal and private parking lots closed or open, can be immediately integrated in the system, without any problems


The app offers drivers the ability to book in advance.
Drivers can check the availability of a preferred car park, and the system has the ability to hold First in First Service (FIFS) priorities.

State-of-the-art technology

The Mobile Parking System differs from the other systems in that it clearly indicates the availability of parking spaces. The integrated high-tech sensors and controllers in combination with Progressive Web App (PWA) technology create a complete system that surpasses any alternative intelligent parking system.

Highly Customizable

The system adapts to the needs of the administrator and not the administrator to the requirements and functionality of the system.
The system can be configured with time characteristics, local and quality characteristics, creating pricing policies according to the needs per case.


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