Technical Details

Specially made for open spaces, without the need for any wired communication infrastructure.

Once the parking spaces have been determined, a sensor is placed in each parking space.
Each sensor wirelessly comunicate and inform the system whether  a parking space is available or occupied.

No use of parking meters is required.
The positions are determined by delineation and numbering so that the driver knows where he is when asked by the system to confirm it.

The sensors communicate wirelessly with the central data collection points (1 per bundle), which wirelessly inform the central application.
A sign with the corresponding parking spaces is placed in each parking lot, as well as maps for drivers to search for payment points with contract providers, if they are not familiar with the technology.

This sign also contains a barcode with which the driver can download the application if he does not already have it on his mobile phone.

In each numbered parking lot, a series of LED lights are placed, which indicate whether the space is free, occupied or pre-occupied, green or red respectively.


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