Payment methods

Depending on the method of payment, payment is made upon arrival at the parking lot by prepaying a specific time, or at the end of the parking lot, in which case the exact parking time is charged.

In any case, if the prepaid payment time is longer than the duration of the parking, the remaining time is credited as units to the driver.

By credit or debit card

It is prepaid through the secure environment of the Bank with any card it wishes. Debit or credit

With prepaid units in his account

The driver has the ability to pre-purchase units through his bank account whenever he wishes.
Respectively, he can buy units through the application at any time using his credit or debit card.
These units correspond to the available money.

Cash or card at predetermined points

  • For drivers who are not familiar with the technology or for any reason do not want to pay through their application, they can through the application as well as on posted maps look for payment points and buy prepaid time from contracted sellers e.g. a kiosk.
  • The seller has a special application on his mobile phone, with which he serves the customer without prepaid cards.
  • The driver has the ability to buy the exact time he wants to park and the whole process is done through the seller's application.
  • Also the seller through his application can see the parking time he has sold to passing drivers and what money he owes to the administrator.
  • At the same time, the manager knows at all times how much money his contracted salesmen owe him from parking time sales.


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